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Welcome to new SAP-IN Website!

It has been a number of months since we have done a comprehensive review of the site and we hope you will appreciate the enhanced functionality, the access to resources that will assist you as well as the new look.

Please do not hesitate to give us your comments and feedback as this is an ongoing and active endeavor!

Strategy as Practice is an international network of more than 3000 scholars and practitioners in over 150 countries around the globe. Coordinated by eight institutional members, SAP-IN is committed to the importance of a focus on everyday processes, practices and activities involved in the making of strategy...read more


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Ahmad Salih

RE: Sensemaking and activity theory
Hi Stefanie,Thanks for the contribu...
Ahmad Salih, 23 Jul 2016, 19:15

Ahmad Salih

RE: Sensemaking and activity theory
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Ahmad Salih, 7 Jul 2016, 19:58

Stefanie Schmachtel

First of all: personal sense
First of all: personal sense is a c...
Stefanie Schmachtel, 7 Jul 2016, 11:50

Jean Louis Magakian

Sensemaking and activity theory
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Jean Louis Magakian, 4 Jul 2016, 20:24

Ahmad Salih

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Hi Gisli,Many thanks for the c...
Ahmad Salih, 4 Jul 2016, 20:07